Branding and packaging for the Chinese company Yierwo. Design of the image and packaging for a brand of products sold in multiprice stores.

Design of the image and packaging for a brand of products sold in multiprice stores.


Yierwo is a Chinese company with a wide range of products focused on multiprice stores that recently started selling in Spain. Given that theirs is a highly competitive industry, with stores overflowing with shelves filled with items, their leaders decided to bet on design to differentiate their products – which have above-average quality – from those of their competitors, who do not usually consider the benefits of graphic design too much.

Once the preliminary study with the client was done, it was clear that the intention should be to create a highly representative image that could be easily identified and remained in the consumer’s memory once seen. The image should enable quick and transparent communication, as well as convey the idea that Yierwo’s products are better than those one can usually find in bazaars or multiprice stores. In fact, Yierwo’s products are also sold in hardware stores, which have a higher degree of quality requirements.

Yierwo has three product lines: plumbing, gardening, and hardware. Each of them was assigned a color combination, following the same guidelines we had defined for the main brand. On the other hand, the packaging we designed was meant to present the product without any blister coverings in between: we wanted the product itself to be the protagonist, and to achieve that, we had to remove unnecessary elements from the support. This way, we reduced the obstacles between the consumer and Yierwo’s product, which is now ready to be distributed in specialized DIY stores in the country.

What did we do?

· Creative direction
· Corporative Identity
· Packaging

Diseño de identidad corporativa - Branding y diseño de packaging para empresa china Yierwo - Estudio de diseño gráfico en Valencia
Diseño de identidad corporativa - Branding y diseño de packaging para empresa china Yierwo - Estudio de diseño gráfico en Valencia
Diseño de identidad corporativa - Branding y diseño de packaging para empresa china Yierwo - Estudio de diseño gráfico en Valencia

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